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Sputtering Targets with application

Jul 20 , 2020

1.For Flat display :

Sputtering Targets with application

 Rotary Si Target Rotary NbOx Target Planar Al Target Planar Al Alloy Target Planar Cu TargetPlanar NiCu Target 
 Planar Mo Target Planar SiO2 Target Planar Nb Target Planar Mo Alloy Target Planar V Target

2.For large area glass coating for automotive and automotive glass:

Sputtering Targets with application

Rotary SiAl Target  Rotary AZO Target Rotary TiOx Target Rotary Ti Target Rotary ZnAl TargetRotary Sn Target 
 Rotary SnZn Target Rotary NiCr Target Planar SS Target Rotary SS  Target Rotary Cr Target Planar Cr Target
Planar Ag TargetRotary Ag TargetPlanar NiV TargetRotary SiZr Target

3.For solar photovaltaic and photothermal :

Sputtering Targets with application

 AZO Target Mo Target Al Target Ti TargetCr Target SiAl Target 
 TiOx Target NiCr Target InSn Target

 Both Planar and Rotary Targets are available 

4.For  deocrative and tooling:

Sputtering Targets with application

 Cr Target

 Ti Target

CrAl Target

 TiAl Target


 Zr Target

 Ni Target

 W Target

 C Target

 SS Target

 Si Target

 TiSi Target

 WC Target

 MoCu Target

  Both Planar and Rotary Targets are available 

5.For semiconductors industries :

Sputtering Targets with application

 High Purity Al Target High Purity Ta Target High Purity Ti Target High Purity WTi Target High Purity Cu TargetHigh Purity Ni Target
 NiCr Target NiCrSi Target SiCr Target NiV Target

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