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Alloy Sputtering Targets

MaterialCompositionPuritySputtering Target
CrAlCr-70Al,Cr-50Al,Cr-30Al (at%)99.95% max
TiAlTi-70Al,Ti-67Al,Ti-50Al,Ti-30Al (at%)99.95% max
SiAlSi-10Al,Si-30Al ( or customized )99.95% max
SiZrSi-30Zr99.9% max
NiCrNi-20Cr,Ni-50Cr,Ni-70Cr (wt%)99.95% max
NiVNi-7V(wt%)99.95% max
CuZrcustomized99.95% max
NiFeNi-20Fe (wt%) ( or customized )99.95% max

We can supply more alloy targets with differernt composition ,please send us your requirements to sales@mdlmaterials.com .

Product Name: Alloy Sputtering Targets

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