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Boron Carbide Ceramics B4C products

Maideli is a professional company of design ,production and sales for precious ceramics ,refractory ceramics and new inorganic non-metallic materials ,that is alumina ,zirconia ,magnesia ,silicon nitride and silicon carbide .

  1. Product details

Boron Carbide Ceramics B4C products

Boron carbide ( chemical formula approximatelt B4C ) is a ceramic material with high hardness and low density . Due to the high hardness and high wear resistance ,boron carbide ceramic plates are widely used in the wear-resistance industry . The life-span of those products such as nozzles and seals made by boron carbide are much longer than other materials . Meanwhile ,as the good bullet-proof property and light weight performance ,boron carbide is one of the best protective materials for tank ,armored vehicles ,body armor and the helicopter .

2. Technical index


Reference value

Bending strenth Mpa469
Facture toughness Mpa·m 1/24.2
Vickers hardness Mpa3200
Volume density g/cm32.52


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Product Name: Boron Carbide Ceramics B4C products

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