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Wafer and Substrate

high temperature thin film substrate ,magnetic thin films and ferroelectric thin film substrate , semiconductor crystal, optical crystal, laser crystal materials

We can provide high temperature superconducting thin film substrate , magnetic thin films and ferroelectric thin film substrate , semiconductor crystal , optical crystal , laser crystal materials ,at the same time provide orientation and foreign universities and research institutes to provide high quality ( ultra smooth ,ultra smooth , ultra clean ) and many varieties ( over 30 types with 100-plus dimensions ) epitaxial thin substrate .

Monocrystal substrate

New Crystal


Superconducting thin film


Functional epitaxial thin film

SiO2 + SiGaN on Sapphire WaferPt/Ti/SiO2/Si Wafer

Magnet ferroelectric thin film substrate

GGG SubstrateNb:SrTiO3 SubstrateFe:SrTiO3 SubstratePMN-PT Substrate

Photo Transistor substrate

TiO2 Rutile SubstrateSiO2 Quartz Monocrystal SubstrateQuartz Glass SubstrateYAlO3 Substrate
YAG SubstrateLiNbO3 SubstrateLiTaO3 Substrate

Semiconducting crystal substrate

SOI Si+SiO2+SiGe SubstrateSi SubstrateInP Substrate
InAs SubstrateInSb Substrate

Fluo-chloride crystal substrate

MgF2 SubstrateCaF2 SubstrateBaF2 Substrate
LiF Substrate
KCI SubstrateNaCl SubstrateKBr Substrate

III-V crystal substrate

Sapphire WaferGaN Monocrystal SubstrateLiAlO2 SubstrateMgAl2O4 Substrate

II-VI crystal substrate

ZnO High Resistivity SubstrateZnO Low Resistivity SubstrateGa:ZnO SubstrateSiC Substrate

Ceramic substrate

Al2O3 96% SubstrateAIN Ceramic SubstrateYSZ Ceramic Substrate

Other materials

Cu Metal Monocrystal SubstrateAl Metal Monocrystal SubstrateMg Metal Monocrystal SubstrateKTa(1-x)Nb(x)O3
K9 Glass SubstrateSapphire TubeRuby Tube

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Product Name: Wafer and Substrate

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